CREA international offers several wholesale opportunities for t-shirt store owners, owners of websites, and EBAY sellers.
Whether you sell cloth, shoes, bag, or Brand items, we have a product for you to offer your customers due to our large selection.
We add new products daily so there will always be new products for your customers.
Ordering items in wholesale with us is easy.
Apply for an account by contacting us at wholesale@creawebshop.net
Once your account is set up you can place orders directly online or via email.
We accept Paypal or Credit Cards for wholesale sales.
Your order will be processed immediately.
We have no minimums, however pricing does go down as you buy more.
We feel that by not having minimums you will never be stuck with old inventory.
We can deliver to you or directly to your customers.
To apply for a wholesale account at CREA international:

1. Email us your business information ( name of company, location, etc.)

2. Tell us about your business. What types of items do you sell now :

Our wholesale manager will contact you quickly with ordering information.
We look forward to helping the entire t-shirt community by providing a large selection of licensed t-shirts fast and cheap!